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D’ INTERIOR is a studio specializing in interior design, whose passion is to create spaces that delight and meet the expectations of customers. Our company has been operating on the market for several years and has gained a reputation thanks to professionalism, creativity and attention to detail. Our goal is to create unique, functional and aesthetic interiors that reflect the personality and lifestyle of our clients. Regardless of whether we design apartments, houses, restaurants or offices, we always focus on an individual approach and understanding the client’s needs .

Our studio provides comprehensive services related to interior design in Gdańsk, Gdynia and the Tri-City area. We also run online projects throughout Poland . If you are looking for an interior designer who will fully engage in the design of your dream apartment or house – you are in the right place. We approach each order with an individual approach and a head full of ideas. We have a fresh and non-standard approach to the arrangement of residential and service space. We carry out orders in various budgets – this is not a problem for us.

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D' INTERIOR. Interior Studio
We are a professional company dealing in comprehensive interior design

As part of our services, we provide a comprehensive approach to interior design, covering a variety of areas and needs. We offer a wide range of services that are tailored to both private clients looking for projects for apartments and houses, as well as entrepreneurs who need professional projects for commercial spaces.

If you dream of a beautifully designed and functional interior of your apartment or house, we are ready to meet your expectations. Our team of experienced interior designers will create a personalized project for you, taking into account your style, preferences and needs. We will take care of every detail, from space arrangement, through the selection of furniture and materials, to lighting and decorations.

If you just need advice and guidance on interior design, we also offer design consultations. Our team of advisors will help you make decisions regarding colors, style, layout, materials and other design elements. We will listen to your needs and provide professional guidance so that you can implement your project yourself.

We perfectly understand that commercial space, such as a restaurant, hotel, office or shop, is of great importance for business success. That is why we offer professional commercial interior design that takes into account both aesthetics and functionality. We provide attractive spatial solutions, appropriate ergonomics, comfortable furniture layouts and good visibility and lighting so that your company can stand out and attract customers.

For us, it is important to ensure the highest quality of project execution. That’s why we offer an author’s supervision service that allows us to monitor the project implementation process and work with contractors to ensure compliance with our vision. We will take care of every detail so that your interior is in line with the design and meets your expectations.



The first stage is a meeting during which the needs and expectations of the client are discussed. We learn about your favorite materials, colors, styles and lifestyle.


An important stage in the process of creating a project is a well-conducted interior analysis. During the inventory, we meet with investors at the investment site, where we thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the facility. 


In the first stage, inspiration boards/moodborar are prepared. Then we arrange the interior in terms of preferences and style in which the client feels best. We present this project using photorealistic 3D visualizations.


The final stage is the preparation of technical drawings of the approved concept. This option is useful for contractors during finishing works. Together with the technical documentation, we also provide a list of all products/materials used in the project.


An additional element in which we monitor the progress of renovation works and make purchases for the client. Design details will be discussed with contractors during site visits. 


Live in your dream apartment!

Elegance and professionalism in the highest class, efficient project implementation. I could consult the project, bring my ideas and visions as well as comments. The project I received exceeded my expectations


Cool, flexible approach, and great and functional ideas. We carried out the project with a team recommended by the office - quick and trouble-free implementation.


Professionalism and good taste really knocked me off my feet. I have already cooperated with many offices, however, this is the first one that I can recommend with a clear conscience


D' Interior Your Interior Designer

An interior designer is a specialist in the design and planning of spaces inside buildings. His task is to create functional, aesthetic and ergonomic solutions that take into account the needs and preferences of the client. An interior designer deals with designing the layout of rooms, selection of finishing materials, lighting, colors, furniture and other elements of interior design. He works on both residential and commercial projects, such as offices, restaurants, hotels and shops. An interior designer combines his technical and artistic knowledge to create a harmonious and practical space that meets the client’s expectations.

The difference between an interior designer and an interior designer may be due to differences in education, professional qualifications and scope of work. 

Education and qualifications : An interior designer often has a formal education in architecture or interior design. It is usually a five-year master’s degree that covers both interior and building design. An interior designer may be licensed or professionally licensed to work on a wide range of projects, including both interiors and entire buildings.

An interior designer does not necessarily have a formal education in architecture. May have a degree related to interior design, art, design or related fields. Interior designers do not always have the same professional qualifications as interior architects, although they may be members of industry organizations or have certificates confirming their skills.

The D’ Interior company evaluates each interior design individually, taking into account the specificity and needs of the client. The cost of a project depends on various factors such as the scope of the project, area, number of rooms and other details.

For an accurate quote, please contact us via the contact form on our website or send an e-mail to biuro@d-interior.pl. In the content of the message, please describe the basic parameters of your premises, such as location, area, number of rooms, etc. The more information we have, the more accurate the valuation we will be able to prepare.

Interior design is the process of planning, creating and arranging spaces inside buildings so that they are functional, aesthetic and adapted to the needs of users. Interior design includes various aspects, such as room layout, furniture, lighting, colors, finishing materials, decorations and many other elements that create a harmonious whole.

Interior design is a creative process that requires visualization skills, understanding client needs, knowledge of trends and technology, and the ability to work with different design elements. The aim of interior design is to create a space that is not only aesthetic, but also functional and adapted to the needs of users.

  1. Functionality: The main goal of interior design is to create a space that suits the needs and lifestyle of its users. The designer considers how the rooms are to be used and what functions they should perform to ensure comfort and efficiency.

  2. Aesthetics: An interior designer cares about the appearance and atmosphere of the interior. He chooses colors, textures, patterns and materials that create the right mood and aesthetics, tailored to the customer’s preferences.

  3. Ergonomics: Interior design takes into account ergonomics, i.e. adapting the space to the physical needs and comfort of users. The designer takes care of the appropriate arrangement of furniture, ergonomic arrangement of elements, optimal lighting and other factors that affect the comfort of using the interior. Budget: An interior designer works with the client to set a project budget and choose solutions that fall within a certain financial range. Budget management is an important aspect of interior design.

  4. Budget: An interior designer works with the client to set a project budget and choose solutions that fall within a certain financial range. Budget management is an important aspect of interior design.

D’ Interior is known for creating unique interior designs that combine an innovative approach, creativity and excellent workmanship. Our interior designs are unique and tailored to the individual needs, preferences and lifestyle of our clients. Here are some features that distinguish our unique interior designs:

We believe that each interior design is unique and should reflect the character, personality and individuality of the client. Our design team listens carefully and works with the client to understand their vision and create an interior that will be perfect for them.