Luxurious apartament Yacht Park Gdynia

A luxurious 100 m2 apartment in Gdynia , designed in a modern style with subtly introduced art deco elements, which gives it a unique character. The space has been carefully arranged to meet the expectations of the most demanding residents, combining elegance, luxury and functionality.

Arrangement of a luxury interior design

The floor of the apartment has been finished with French herringbone with a beautiful oak color, adding cosiness and natural charm to the interior. The entire apartment is dominated by a harmonious color palette, consisting of black, white, beige and an additional petrol color, which introduces a maritime atmosphere and a bit of freshness.

The walls have been painted black, which creates an elegant background for the rest of the decor. Bright furniture and accessories in white and beige perfectly contrast with the dark background, emphasizing the unique character of the apartment. In addition, petrol-colored elements, such as pillows, decorative dishes or fabrics, add subtlety and give the interior a touch of freshness.

Elegant interior finish

In order to emphasize the luxury character of the apartment, gold elements were also used. Golden accents in the form of lighting, door handles or decorative elements of furniture add elegance and splendor to the interior. Wooden accessories, such as tables, picture frames or shelves, introduce a natural accent and additionally emphasize the refined style of the apartment.

Interior design of a luxury apartment

The interior design of this luxurious apartment in Gdynia is thought out to the smallest detail to ensure harmony, elegance and comfort. The combination of black, white, beige and petrol, enriched with gold and wooden elements, creates a unique atmosphere that stands out for its luxury and refined style. This interior design is a perfect combination of modernity, art deco and marine elements, creating a space that enchants with its appearance and provides exceptional comfort to its residents.

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